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Caregiver Advocacy Program

Sometimes the best way to help kids is to support the adults that care for them. When children are abused and neglected, sometimes other family members or caring adults will step in to care for them when their parents cannot. However, these adults often face legal obstacles that prevent them from making important decisions on behalf of these children and prohibit them from accessing basic services on their behalf such as health care and education.

The goal of the Children's Law Center Caregiver Advocacy Program is to assist grandparents, aunts, uncles and other non-relative caregivers to provide safety and stability for the kids in their care. This program serves to keep these families intact and, when appropriate, to keep the children out of foster care. We help caregivers obtain legal guardianship or allocation of parental responsibilities, which allows them to provide the best care possible for these children.

Our Caregiver Advocacy Program also empowers foster parents to advocate for the children in their care and work toward finding those children permanent, stable and safe homes.

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