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Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence affects every member of a household, including the children. Studies show a dramatic correlation between domestic violence and child abuse. Since 1992, the Children's Law Center has advocated for children in civil protection order hearings. In each of these cases, children have experienced domestic violence in their homes. The goal is to protect children from the physical and psychological harm that can occur when there is violence in the home.

Through this program, each child is assigned a volunteer attorney who the Children's Law Center trains to recognize the effects of domestic violence on children. The volunteer lawyer serves as a voice for the child in court proceedings and assists the court by making recommendations to ensure the child's safety and stability. No other organization provides these critical services for the courts. The Children's Law Center received national recognition for this program as a best practices model for services to child victims of domestic violence.

Learn more about becoming a pro bono attorney.

For resources to help with a domestic violence situation, visit the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence website.

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