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Education Program

Students dealing with suspensions, expulsions, involuntary transfers to a new school, arrests at school, and related complications often need an advocate in their corner to ensure their due process rights are protected. When children are unfairly pushed out of school, they risk falling behind, dropping out, or even getting caught up in the criminal justice system.

Children who experience abuse and neglect often struggle with emotional and behavioral challenges that can make it difficult to succeed in school. Children in the child welfare system are also more likely than other children to have disabilities that affect their education. This makes the children the Law Center serves especially vulnerable to the school-to-prison pipeline.

The Children's Law Center Education Program ensures that children facing school pushout, including those who have experienced trauma or who have emotional and behavioral disabilities, receive appropriate, high quality educational opportunities. The Children’s Law Center is available to provide affordable representation based on a sliding fee scale to advocate for student’s rights in school discipline and related special education matters and advocating for improved policies at the state and local level.

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